The engagement ring represents future intention of getting married and it is the best and most important ring to consider when proposing. The engagement tells other about commitment and love of the couple. It carries excellent deal of the symbolism and it must be chosen carefully in order to match its wearer. Engagement ring could be made of gold, silver and platinum. White gold is having luxurious and silvery look. It is the alloy of pure gold with nickel, platinum or other kinds of pale metal. When you are looking for the best white gold engagement ring then you must concern about gemstone and carat. Different kinds of the gemstones are available such as sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and rubies which are having distinct qualities and colors. In case you are looking to choose best white gold ring then it is always necessary to understand gemstones and white which is used in creation of ring. Engagement ring could be purchased from the jewelry shops or ordered in online from the authorized site.

Detailed information about white gold

White gold is the alloy which might contain pure gold mixed with the nickel, silver or platinum. Majority of the white gold jewelry could be coated with the rhodium that is silvery white. Rhodium coating makes finish on gold whiter and it can hide any stains or browning that is resulted from alloying process. White gold is affordable because it is quiet similar to the platinum. It might not tarnish like other kinds of the precious metals. White gold engagement ring is suitable choice to people who prefer platinum or silver. The weight of the white gold can be measured in the carats. A carat is the unit of measurement to the precious stones and metals. Gemstone is available in wide array of color and it is the best embellishment for the white gold engagement rings. In fact gemstone is the crystallized minerals that are formed millions of the years ago. The most famous gemstone used in the engagement ring made of the white gold is sapphires, rubies, diamonds and so on.

Top rated reasons to choose white gold engagement ring

Diamond is the classic choice for the white gold engagement ring which can provide luxurious looks. When you are buy white gold engagement ring with diamonds then you must concern about 4cs like clarity, cut, carat and color. Carat of the white gold engagement ring could be decided by the diamond size and weight. For engagement ring, size between 0.5 to 1 carat and clarity of the diamond is referred to number of the small inclusions. Sapphire is transparent gemstone that is made of the oxygen and aluminum. It is famous for its durability. The color variation of the sapphires is determined by its titanium and iron content. When it comes to the sapphire colors then it includes orange, green, yellow, pink and blue. However sapphire with the natural color is more valuable. Emerald is the precious stone which contains chromium rich variety with the beryl. It is mainly known for its bright green which could be used to make eye catching engagement rings. Premium quality of emerald is flawless to naked eye. If you are looking to get excellent look of emeralds engagement ring then it must be filled with the resins. Rubies are perfect and best engagement ring because it represents love and happiness.

Awesome tips to choose best white gold engagement rings

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable moments in any person life. Now a day most of the couples are willing to choose white gold engagement ring because it is tangible and traditional symbol of commitment in initial state of the lifetime journey. White gold is the symbolic of the purity and unity. It comes in wide varieties of the designs, settings and gemstones. The beauty of the white gold ring is that match and blend well with any attire be it casual or formal. There are lots of reasons are there to choose white gold engagement ring such as

  • Durable

  • Flexible

  • Cost effective

  • Rhodium wears off

According to the studies says that classic solitaire could be the best selling engagement ring because it is the combination of the elegant design and low cost because of its simplicity. White gold is made by mixing pure gold along with the other metals like palladium, nickel and rhodium. However it is required proper maintenance in order to retain its sparkling white gold quality. Expensive ring is mounted in the 18 karat gold and it has diamond center with the precious tone. White gold is formed via process that is called as plating which means depositing thin coating of the mental onto surface. If you are searching in online then you might an amazing idea to choose the best engagement ring. White gold is mostly used in the engagement as the sign of freshness of respect, love and care for someone’s lover. This gold ring is composed of roughly 75% of the gold and 25% of other white metals. It is available in various sizes and shapes you must choose the best design based on your desire.

Interesting facts about white gold engagement ring

White gold engagement ring is more preferable by many people because of its wonderful features and benefits. It can provide better value for money which can possess brilliant appearance. Huge numbers of the engagement rings are available in online but white gold engagement ring is the best choice. White gold engagement ring is gaining more popularity because of its wonderful features like

  • Metal value

  • Versatility

  • Finish

  • Strength

  • Choice

  • Workability

White gold engagement ring receives finish of the protective rhodium plate to polished surface of metal. The finish is far more scratch resistant when compared to platinum. You might customize the ring based on your desire. Gold is more bendable rather than platinum that more likely to crack. Try to do some research in online so you can easily find out the best engagement ring.